Welcome to Westchester

A centrally located community with harmonious urban and suburban living 
Living in Westchester means having access to the beach, Los Angeles, and Loyola Marymount, thanks to its central location. Wechesterians are connected to the Metro for trips into the city or out of town via LAX. The city’s modern houses, condominiums, and custom-built homes provide an extensive array of housing options for locals. 
While Westchester has access to everything, it has a quaint vibe. Somewhere between urban and suburban sits the beautiful little city. The LAX Chamber of Commerce provides connection opportunities with associates from companies like Google. As Silicon Beach flourishes, so do the prospects of locals in the technology field.

What to Love

  • Close to Los Angeles 
  • Access to the LAX Chamber of Commerce
  • Incredible food 
  • Home of Loyola Marymount

Local Lifestyle

The secret is out about the technology haven in Westchester. It’s not all techies and college students, though. It’s a beautiful town full of people who love to get active outdoors and enjoy the amazing weather. Living here means having all the amenities of urban living, from the food to the arts, with all the comforts of suburbia – enjoy the perfect balance.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Walking the streets of Westchester’s downtown, locals find the beloved chalk wall, dynamic murals, and a hub of restaurants with incredible flavors. Day or night, the wholesome streets of Westchester welcome pedestrians to stroll about the city, taking in the fresh air. Living here, it’s easy to indulge in the senses.
The Coffee Company perfumes the air with the rich aroma of roasted coffee beans as locals get their daily pick-me-ups. Of course, a hike through the Bluffs can do the same. The Coffee Company, however, provides the perfect place for people watching as before going about a busy day. 
When the people of Westchester need something stronger than the coffee, they flock to the famous Melody Bar and Grill. While outsiders may think of it as the closest spot to LAX, those in the know come to this opulent setting of copper-lined ceilings and amber glass chandeliers for quality entertainment. That’s not to say the food and drink aren’t excellent as well. To put it simply, an evening at Melody’s is guaranteed to indulge the senses. 
Finding the best tacos in town is always crucial. While there are plenty of contenders, locals come to Pacos Cantina for the quality authentic Mexican cuisine essential to LA living. 
Westchester has all the food classics that any Californian has come to know and love. It’s always easy for locals to get a double-double from In and Out, where fast food is so good it hardly deserves the title.

Things To Do

Walking through the Bluffs, it's easy to see the opulence of this retro little city. It’s a break from the grind and a pathway to nature. Locals love getting an outdoor workout while connecting with the wilderness. Living in Los Angeles, it can be hard to break away from the concrete, but Westchester has the perfect places to seek out serene greenery.
Those who enjoy a fresher lifestyle will love attending the Westchester Farmers’ Market. The weekly event puts farm-to-table ingredients in locals’ grocery bags. Sundays are made all the brighter when the heart of downtown is taken over by stalls from artisans, specialty growers, delectable foods, and family fun. It’s not just a place for shopping. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.
Not every activity in the city sends residents to the outdoors, though. There’s plenty of indoor fun to be had. Living near the Cinemark 18 means never missing a movie again. With so many screens, the theater has something for everyone to watch. This kind of access is ubiquitous in Westchester. 
Locals enjoy access to the exclusive LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce and its active event calendar. Network with local businesses, take workshops, connect with powerful groups, and watch as your success soars. It’s all within access in Westchester.


Westchester is home to Loyola Marymount University, a place where education thrives. Schools to consider:

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