Ladera Heights

Welcome to Ladera Heights

A peaceful and distinguished nook of Los Angeles with gorgeous trails and high-end entertainment
Ladera Heights is one of Los Angeles’ most prized hidden gems. An unincorporated area, it is a peaceful enclave with a community of those who appreciate all things classy and tranquil. This upper-class community began developing in the 1940s in a style known now as “Old Ladera.” Come the 1960s, “New Ladera'' became ever prominent with renowned architects, such as Robert Erl, arriving with innovative, distinctly California home designs. Ladera Heights certainly portrays a history of luxury and beauty and lives up to its reputation with its neighboring golf courses, beautiful homes, and breathtaking views.
Today, Ladera Heights is growing and bringing residents who are attracted to the area’s rich cultural opportunities, trendy hangout spots, and outdoor wonders. With several unique and trendy neighborhoods, a great parks and trails system, and a short commute to various California cities, Ladera Heights has it all.

What to Love

  • Family-friendly atmosphere and events
  • Scenic views and outdoor experiences
  • Cultural relevance and activities
  • Full calendar of events

Local Lifestyle

Ladera Heights tends to attract those who enjoy business and excitement. However, as fun and happening as it can be, the area also provides various parks, green spaces, golf courses, and trails. So, while many of its residents enjoy it for its urban life aspects, most residents likewise enjoy its ability to serve as a peaceful escape from Los Angeles. People here are friendly and welcoming, always down for an adventure, and appreciate the area’s breathtaking views and sites.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Ladera Heights has a notably fun food scene. For a lively American meal, TGI Fridays is a great option. Mike’s Deli is another popular restaurant for its crowd-pleasing subs that are perfect for a meal in or to-go. Spice lovers frequent Dave’s Hot Chicken. This Armenian-American chicken spot is known for its varying degrees of hot flavor, crispy chicken, and delectably buttered buns. Ribs, likewise, is a popular rib joint praised for its mastery of Chicago barbecue.
Ladera Heights is just a short trip from the shopping center at Wesfield’s Culver City, located in Culver City. The premier place for Shopping and Dining in the area.

Things to Do

Just as Ladera Heights is rich in urban activity, it too is abundant in outdoor wonders. Ruben Ingold Parkway is an ever-popular green space that is perfect for a quaint picnic with a date or a family stroll. Park to Playa Trail and Stocker Corridor Trail are popular trails among bikers, hikers, and runners, as they provide a refreshing escape from city life among trails of gorgeous flora and breathtaking views.
Ladera Park, a sloped greenery of 16-Acre park is an attractive site. Leisure activities such as family reunions, and church picnics are popular at Ladera Park as well as numerous organized recreational activities. The park offers programs and services for all ages from youth to adult. Senior citizens from Ladera Heights, Voew Par, and Windsor Hills are very active participants of the Ladera Park Seniors Club.


Ladera Heights is served by the Inglewood Unified School District. Some prominent schools here include:

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