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Growing up in the city of Charlotte, NC, and moving to New York City, where I learned different cultures and graduating from Hunter College of the City University of New York I now call Los Angeles my home. For well over 15 years, Los Angeles captivates everyone who comes here to pursue dreams and live an exciting life. The city’s landscapes, with beaches and beautiful snow-capped mountains only a short drive away, plus consistently warm weather, just can’t be beaten.

No matter where I’ve traveled for work, I always look forward to coming back home to LA.  Throughout my successful career as an artist first and foremost, I have come to appreciate the beautiful homes that fill our city. I have a vision and an eye for beauty. As an artist, I ensure that my work is always completed with the highest integrity. I began to parlay my skills — attention to detail and a keen dedication to each of my clients, including their needs, wants, and concerns — into each real estate transaction. I began my real estate career in 2005.
Purchasing rental properties and fixer-upper single-family homes. I have always enjoyed acquiring and making a property into a home. It gives me great satisfaction to assist both families as well as individuals, in this process. With decades of experience serving people from all walks of life, I’m adept at handling the details and nuances of helping you sell, invest and manage the most important investment of your life.

I attribute my successes in life to my father, who always instilled in me to do the best in whatever I pursue. Real estate and art have always been in my heart. I’m very excited to serve the community as a licensed agent by assisting first-time as well as experienced investors alike in the purchasing of both homes and commercial properties.

There is no place like California. Let’s continue our journey in property investments together.

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One outstanding thing about a professional which Aaron recognizes is the ability to stay up to date with market trends. He is continually seeking ways to get even better. Contact Aaron for the sale or buying of properties, you will be glad you did

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